Saturday, March 1, 2008

Some short time ago I found myself with three cameras and I only needed two for the work I do. Time to get the third one converted! First I sent the 20D to Canon to get the focus calibrated as I wanted to make sure that all was working to specification before I sent it to MaxMax. When it came back I tested that the focus had, indeed, been corrected. All was good so I shipped it off to MaxMax with the required note outlining that I wanted the 830nm conversion.

Shortly after I got the IR converted camera back from MaxMax a local digital photography club (of which I am a member - imagine that :) ) went out on an afternoon photo shoot session. The following are a few of the images I captured:

1. Unfortunately, there no clouds in the sky to led some drama

2. Just a bridge. For me, the interesting point is the young man on the bridge - that's my son!

When MaxMax does the conversion, they remove the ICF/AA filter(s). The AA filter is something the manufacturer puts in the light path to the sensor to actually blur the photo. Why do camera manufacturers do this? Because, without it, when a photographer shoots something with lots of parallel lines, they will more likely get unsightly moiré patterns in their photos. The AA filter reduces, but does not eliminate, the incidence of these patterns. Net result, when shooting anything not containing a series of parellel lines, the potential for a very sharp photo is greatly enhanced and your need for sharpening during post processing is greatly reduced.

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1downfall said...

an awesome perspective. Your work is inspiring!