Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What about photography creates the buzz?

A question occurred to me the other day, "Why photograph? What is it about photography that gets my juices flowing, gets my heart beating just a touch faster, provides the satisfaction? What is it about photography that gives me that buzz?" And, no, this isn't some sort of strange April 1st joke. This is, to me, a very serious question.

With a little reflection and some belly-button contemplation (can't really call it thinking), I arrived at this list of reasons why some people get bitten by the photography bug:

  • Earning the big money :)
  • The over-whelming adulation of "the beautiful people"
  • The sens of power realized when an image is manipulated, thus altering someone else's perception of reality
Actually, that last one might actually be a valid thought, but the others? Well....

For me ... I'm a card carrying member of RA (Romantics Anonymous) and I get a powerful buzz from the emotions I see expressed by newlyweds. Not so much during the actual wedding ceremony - though it does sometimes happen. But, at the reception when the bride and groom have had a chance to de-pressurize a bit, relax a bit, and start to realize the depth and breadth of the commitment they have made to the other. And the commitment the other has made to them. I've seen crying, and laughing, and utterly calm joy.

Here are just a couple of examples of what I mean:


Anther aspect of my photography that excites me is the sheer wonder and awe inspired within me when viewing and imaging the Master Work of Art that is Nature:



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Anonymous said...

Love it!! It is very satisfying to me when I capture that one moment that is there, then gone. It's those frozen moments in time that are the best!!!